Profit From Your Passions

Licensed Profit From Your Passion Business Idea Generator

Profiting From Your Passions is a 3 month transformation process, designed to help you build your dream future in an uncertain world.  Starting with identifying the interests that energize you most, moving step by step through practical, mindset and other issues, we work together to take advantage of how life is changing, turning casualisation and outsourcing to your advantage to get you to the point where you no longer need to have a permanent, full time job to be able to support yourself – you have choice and power back.

If you’re sick of commuting, worried about job security or even retirement, it’s worth having a chat to work out if we can put some more solid foundations into your financial situation.

The first step is a free, 15 minute conversation prior to the consultation where we’ll talk to make sure that it’s a good fit for you before you commit to anything.  You can use the contact me form to arrange this for a time that suits you – evenings and weekend slots are available.

This is NOT a standard coaching program.  If you’re expecting a nursemaid-type coach, instant results or a ‘per hour’ rate, then this is not for you.  I don’t want the conflict of interest that rewards a coach for keeping someone dependent on coming back for more sessions.  I want to work with you to build your independence and freedom, and up front you should know that the program is valued based on what I deliver – my goal is to click you out of that hourly rate mindset, wake you up to alternatives and work with you to find and fan the spark/s that will ignite your passion for life.  Taking action to build the fire past that point is not something anyone else can do for you, so the 15 minute conversation is as much for me to get an idea whether you’re ready for me to work with you, or whether you should save your money.  Once you’re accepted as a client, I do offer a guarantee, but you need to be serious about backing yourself to get the most out of this program.

Most of my work occurs in the first intensive session, normally around 90 minutes. I like to make this clear because a lot of people are used to the multi-session coaching model. When you sign on with a coach, it is usually for one or more sessions a week over a period of several months.  Because my focus is on generating ideas, sharing information and resources, and generally offering insight into how to go about escaping the job world so you can create the life you really want, things happen more quickly. I am a work-life consultant, not a coach.

For those that want a bit more, the full program adds another two sessions around overcoming the obstacles that almost inevitably pop up – an outside perspective can be really helpful when you hit that plateau and feel stuck.  The other session is around building solid support and accountability structures to keep you moving forward towards that dream life – the objective is to set you up so you never need to come back to me.

The overwhelming majority of my Clients work with me over the phone. I offer a limited number of evening and weekend appointments for people who are unable to meet on a week day.

Your 90 minute session will even include a complimentary copy of an eBook called Finding Your True Calling (normally $19.95). After our first intensive session you will also receive a follow-up email summarizing what we discussed, including any resources that can help you turn your ideas into action.

For further information or to arrange your free evaluation session, please contact me.