We live in a new world, and my mission is to help you not only navigate it, but learn to thrive in it.

This has been called the information age, and it’s true that information is more freely available now than ever before, but technology is also redefining our society, empowering people more than ever before.   What Google, eBay, Facebook, Paypal, Uber, AirBnB and all those tech giants have in common is that they took capabilities that used to require massive resources, and made them accessible to individuals.  Us.

What that means is that most people are operating in an environment that is more overwhelming than ever before.  The mental filters that help us sort out what’s important need to be upgraded to cope.  But once they are upgraded, and you have the tools to put your finger on the pulse of what you need to know, minus the distractions, the sky really is the limit.  That’s where I come in.

I live in a beautiful area, but too many people have to travel for hours to get to the city for work.  I did it myself for way too long.  My passion is to help as many as I can to grab hold of this new world and take advantage of it, ditching the commute and living life on their own terms.  For those who already have taken the leap into business, I help out on two fronts: First, to help you regain the scarcest resource – time – working to spot the opportunities (or threats) on your horizon as well as the ones hidden in your data, so you can grow big enough to maybe help a few more people stop commuting and start enjoying more time in this fantastic community of ours.   Secondly, I’m big on finding ways you can leverage what you’ve got so that you can grow bigger without needing to put in large scale time or financial investments.

My dream is to see the Illawarra become an example of this new world economy – a beautiful town with plenty of local work, but more so, a thriving small business community that supports the growth of entrepreneurial talent, with facilities that attract location-independent business operators from around the globe.

If you are so busy working in your business that you never have time to work ON your business, then you need to find five minutes to call me.  Or at least sign up to what may be the world’s shortest newsletter – my two minute tips.

Want more detail about me?  I combine experience in technology (online since 89) with psychology, business, and over a decade in analytics – both intelligence and marketing.  I particularly love finding trends, opportunities and threats that are approaching break-out, just as they start to hit the mainstream.  Knowing how technology and people interact helps me to identify the ones that will take, vs the ones that wont, find the new opportunities or threats they’ll create for your business, and the easiest, most practical, cost-effective ways to leverage them.  My track record of successful predictions is extensive, so feel free to contact me to discuss the ones most relevant to your industry.